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The Organization of Social Posts


1. Twitter

A typical tweet has the following attributes:

  • Author, associated with a  profile which includes: unique ID, screen name, location, portrait, following and followers, etc;
  • Tweet, including tweet content, time stamp, etc;
  • Attributes: favorite (like/dislike), retweet, reply.


2. Forum

Take http://stackoverflow.com as an example.



  • Agree (upper triangle) and disagree (lower triangle);
  • Favorite (star);
  • Share to Facebook and Twitter;
  • Tags such as “ruby”;
  • Author demographic data;
  • Replies.

3. News Article Review

Take Readwriteweb.com as an example.

An initial post is actually an article, so it contains title, (abstract), pictures/videos, and a long textual content. The following is what you can do for the initial post:

  • Share: Twitter, Facebook, Email, Digg and Print out.
  • Comments
  • Subscribe to the author or category.


If a post is a reply, it looks like this:


Attributes for such a reply post:

  • Author;
  • Content;
  • Time stamp;
  • Like/dislike;
  • Reply.


A general post model:

1. Each post has an unique URL, reallocated, to indicate the structures of the whole discussion thread. For example,


means a post which is the first reply to post twitter/3456/23 and the latter is the 23rd post to the initial post twitter/3456 in Twitter.com.

2. Authors, with demographic data, are connected by social networks;

3. Posts can be organized by semantic ties, which indicates the cohesive of the topic (like hashtags in Twitter);

4. Time stamps are important in time series analysis.

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