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How to Pass IEEE eXpress Format Test

It is really annoying that you find your paper PDF file cannot pass the IEEE eXpress Format Test in the last minutes before deadline. We cannot complain too much, because I believe there are already a huge number of complains on this crazy test in past years but IEEE eXpress should have its indestructible reasons to insist this test. Anyway let’s go back to the problem.

The most common error is like “Font XXX is not embedded”. There are some discussions you can find on the web about this error. Please refer to the following links:

The most promising method seems “print your PDF file into another PDF file in Adobe with the option ‘Rely on system fonts only; do not use document fonts’ unchecked”. It sounds doable, but strangely, I only get fewer errors but the errors do not disappear.

Finally I get rid of this problem by doing the following:

  1. Generate PS file first;
  2. Convert PS into PDF using Acrobat Distiller. During the conversion, do the following in Acrobat Distiller: Settings -> Edit Adobe PDF Setting, add missed fonts.
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