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Linux Commands for Installing Software

Wireshark on Fedora:

su —
yum install wireshark
yum install wireshark-gnome

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Install A New Linux OS in VMware ESXi Server


  1. Download the Linux ISO distribution to your local computer.
  2. Create a new VM in VSphere Client. The default setting only has one hard disk. To make /home occupying a single disk, you’d better add a new hard disk in “Resource Allocation” tab of the VM you just created.
  3. In “Summary”->”Resources”->"datastore”, right click and browse into the directory with the name of VM you have created. Upload ISO file from your local computer to that directory.
  4. “Resource Allocation”->”Edit … VM Properties” –> CD/DVD Drive 1 –> connect at power on, connect ISO image in the datastore –> OK. Power on to start VM.
  5. Install your new OS as usual.

VMWare Operations:

Ctrl + Alt: release your mouse

Ctrl + Alt + Insert: restart

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